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Organize your race

Organize your race

gara a limoneThe staff of the Sporting Club Riserva Bianca is able to meet your every need on the reservation, the organization and the assistance of the races and skiing events promoted by Vs. Club. All the tracks on which competitions are held to be certified by FISI and offer optimum technical requirements for both alpine skiing events that snowboarding and carving.
The runs are equipped with:

  • cabin of departure and arrival;
  • system timing;
  • sound system for your own speaker on arrival.

The organization shall:

  • prepare the runway;
  • trace the path as much as possible suitable to average technical level of the participants;
  • lend, if necessary, the race numbers and tables for guard-gates;
  • timing and printing of the charts you require with PC using


The Ski Club or entity that organizes the race will have to:

  • Fill the special coupon and send it by fax at N°. 0171-926584 or email to [email protected] and pay the relevant deposit, check or bank transfer. The booking date is earlier;
  • send email to [email protected] advance exhaustive two days of the date of the race, the starting order of the competitors according to category specifying the type of classification required (sum of the times, better run, etc .); this in order to allow a correct insertion of data into the computer;
  • provide for the guard-door educating them on their task, the number required by the type of race and the route, or reserve in the required number (see coupon booking);
  • appoint and communicate it to the timekeepers a Justice of the race that will be present in the control timing at compile the charts;
  • appoint a responsible withdrawal and the bib distribution, which must take place at least 30 minutes before the race; at the end will collect in sequential order and the return of the same at the timing booth.


Download the pdf of the coupon booking races (Size 1.97 MB)