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Go to ski when you want, pay later and save money  !

It’s working like a  telepass on the motorway: skip the line of the ticket office and go!!


You will be charged on your credit card at the end of the day of the price of what you used ( morning until 1pm, afternoon from 1 pm, full day, Bottero’s Run,…), and you can associate all the ski passes that are on your account.

You will be always charged with the best online price of the day!!!

To join the “Easypass” service, it s simple:

•First of all you need to create your account on our website, “Skipass online”, where you  need to register your magnetic card “My Limone Card” who start with  161420291648__________ (without spaces or hyphen) and fill what it asked. Don’t forget to active your account with the link that you will received in your mail box.If you have to assiociate other “My Limone Card”, go in your account, look at the voice ” Match Ski pass” and do the same process of what you made first.

If you have a skipass (My Limone Card) fill the numbers of yours and the process on “I Have a Skipass”, if you don’t have our magnetic card, just choose “I Don’t have a skipass” and create it online.  You will receive at the end of the transaction a code with 3 letters that you need to bring to a ticket office, and where we will print and give you your “My Limone Card”. .

• Seasonal Cost of the Service  € 3,00;

• Cost of  € 2,00 for the “My Limone Card” who become your personal Skipass and will be valid also for the next years.;


DAILY € 31 € 25 € 22 € 6
PROMO° € 24 € 24 € 22 € 6
MORNING (until 1pm) € 27 € 25
AFTERNOON (From 1 pm) € 26 € 25
PINK FRIDAY°° € 19 €19 € 19 € 6


° Valid on tuesday, wednesday and thursday from the beginning of the season to the 21.12.17; from the 9.1.18 to the 1.2.18 and from the 13.3.18 to the end of the ski season.

°° Riserved to Woman, valid all fridays from the begining of the season to the 21.12.17 (not valid on 8.12), from 12.01.18 to 1.2.18 and from the 16.03.18 to the end of the season.

*SENIOR born first of the  01.01.1958

**CHILDRENborn between the 01.01.2004 to 31.12.2010

***BABY born after 01.01.2011