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Regional law of 26 January 2009, n. 2.
Rules regarding the safety of practicing downhill and cross country winter sports in implementation of the current national regulation and interventions to sustain the guarantees of safety conditions in skiing areas, ski lift systems and tourist offer“.

According to this Law, the Civil Liability Insurance is required on the slopes of Piemonte. Using the slopes is strictly subject to the stipulation of civili liability insurance by the Customer for damagesor accidents that occur to third persons, including the manager. Administrative penalties are provided for all customers without civil liability insurance.

Article 18. – paragraph 3
i)  Using the slopes is also subject to the conclusion of an insurance contract for civil liability by the user for damage or injury that they may cause to third parties, including the manager;

Article 35. -paragraph 1

d) the penalty from €40,00 to €250,00 is borne by the user, for infringements of the provisions to in Article 18, paragraph 3, letter i), related to the conclusion of the contract of civil liability insurance;

If the Customer has the civil liability insurance,  in any case, it is recommended that you consult your Insurance Company to verify the effective insurance coverage for the damages or injuries provided for by the abovementioned Regional Law.

In addition it is recommended to bring a copy of the insurance, to show up in case of accident.

For those who haven’t any Insurance, it is possible to purchase different types of insurance according to thier own needs, both daily insurance and seasonal insurance.

SNOWCARE: Insurance available for every type of skipass (also ON-LINE).

-One day skipass and daily hour consuption : 2,50 €

-Seasonal skipass: 46,00 € valid each day the lifts are open

The daily coverage insurance Snowcare is valid from the first moment the Customer uses any lift, and if necessary, can be checked electronically by the system.

For more detail on the insurance coverage, visit the page Snowcare here.